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Opening new career doors with the Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

La Trobe University’s Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics has proven to be highly effective for individuals seeking to upskill or reskill in the dynamic field of business analytics. Elise Cafe, a motivated and driven financial services industry professional, is currently enrolled in the program and just halfway through her studies…

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Alumni profile: Trang Quynh Phan

With a passion for technology and a drive to unravel the hidden insights within data, La Trobe University alumni Trang Quynh Phan’s career journey has taken her around the world and ultimately led her to become a senior data analyst at one of Australia’s leading telecommunications companies. Trang graduated in…

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All roads (can) lead to a career in cyber

A career path in cybersecurity offers many opportunities, with a potential to make a significant difference in businesses, communities and individuals' lives.

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Facilitator spotlight: Dr Jabed Chowdhury

Dr. Jabed Chowdhury, Subject Coordinator for the Cyber Risk Management short course offers his advice to future cybersecurity professionals.

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La Trobe University empowers professionals to reskill in cybersecurity

La Trobe University offers 36 short courses in cybersecurity, providing upskilling and reskilling opportunities for professionals from all industries.

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Industry-led short courses leading the way for women in cyber

The recruitment of women to cybersecurity is critical for the Australian economy. La Trobe's suite of online cybersecurity short courses allows students without a background in technology, or professionals in the field to upskill or reskill for their desired career.

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