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Online cybersecurity microcredentials

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Flexible, focused cybersecurity training from one of Australia’s top universities

100% online learning

38 microcredential options

Industry-leading education

Learn from experts

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2–4 weeks

Cost per microcredential


Total credit points (CP)


You can find individual microcredential levels, duration, fees, credit points and more information in the course list below.

Course benefits

  • Choose from a suite of topics
  • Study with cybersecurity experts
  • Experience an innovative cybersecurity education
  • Apply new skills to your current role
  • Learn in a flexible format designed for working professionals

Upskill and meet the growing demand for cyber professionals

In our digitally connected world, organisations in every industry rely on cybersecurity professionals to protect digital assets and sensitive information. Our online credentialed short courses give you essential knowledge in specific areas of IT, cybersecurity, and digital protection, no matter where you are in your career.

As a leader in cybersecurity education and research innovation, we offer resources, skills and expertise to ensure you meet the demands of this expanding job market. Whether exploring cybersecurity for the first time or pursuing a leadership role, you can upskill in specific areas and advance your career.

These microcredentials are delivered 100 per cent online and designed to be completed in two to four weeks, allowing you to build targeted skills without committing to a full degree. You’ll also earn a digital badge that demonstrates your new skills to employers.

Further explore your areas of interest with microcredentials that are stackable. By completing multiple specified microcredentials, you can gain advanced standing for recognised prior learning toward up to half the credit points (CP) required for completion of the Bachelor of Cybersecurity or Master of Cybersecurity at La Trobe.*

Cybersecurity microcredentials


Explore foundational topics in cybersecurity to launch your career.

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Enhance your technical expertise to take your next professional step.

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Master specialised skills to position yourself for new opportunities.

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Combine microcredentials to build targeted skills

If you aren’t sure which short course options to choose, consider our curated bundle offerings. These grouped short courses deliver focused cybersecurity training that allows you to build complementary skills. You can also combine a 5- and 10-credit point (CP) short course for credit toward one subject in La Trobe’s Bachelor of Cybersecurity or Master of Cybersecurity courses.

Enroling in multiple short courses also gives you access to a discounted fee. Explore our options below.

The human firewall

Modality: 100% online

Cost: $800

This set of short courses provides a broad introduction to cybersecurity and the critical role of trained tech professionals in protecting organisations’ sensitive data.

Gain basic cybersecurity skills to protect data and defend against cyber attacks and build a solid foundation for further studies in cybersecurity. With no background knowledge required, you can apply from any field.

Upon successful completion of this short course, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe key emerging cybersecurity practices, regulations and standards.
  • Demonstrate foundation skills in safeguarding data, systems and networks.

Investigate the latest, most effective cybersecurity technologies that protect against cyber threats, such as firewalls, intrusion detection/protection systems and honeypots.

Upon successful completion of this short course, you’ll be able to:

  • Investigate, evaluate and apply current cybersecurity technologies that protect against cyber threats.
  • Describe the process of threat and vulnerability identification in cybersecurity environments.

Learn about cyber threats and vulnerabilities and how organisations manage these in proportion to the risk that they pose.

Upon completion of this short course, you’ll be able to:

  • Establish a framework and approach to risk assessment.
  • Identify and evaluate the components of risk assessment.

Essential skills in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology

Modality: 100% online

Cost: $2,150

Level: Intermediate

This set of short courses explores the principles and processes involved in blockchain technologies and their application in healthcare, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cybersecurity.

Understand the fundamentals of blockchain technology, including how it works and how it is applied to modern digital transactions, including cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.

Upon completion of this short course, you’ll be able to:

  • Critically compare blockchains and distributed ledgers as alternatives to traditional approaches to financial transactions in trust-free transactions.
  • Evaluate the use of blockchains in different cryptocurrencies to create a set of recommendations for appropriate usage by business and industry.

This short course will provide background knowledge about many of the recent blockchain-based revelations we have seen.

Upon completion, you’ll be able to:

  • Evaluate security measures in distributed ledgers to minimise risk.
  • Analyse transactions and operations on blockchains and smart contracts required to plan more robust financial systems.
  • Assess the commercial and legal environments needed for cryptocurrency start-ups to ensure business success.

Cyber governance management essentials

Modality: 100% online

Cost: $2,150

Level: Advanced

This set of short courses trains you to analyse sophisticated security threats and manage the risks these threats pose to all types of organisations.

Develop essential skills to understand security vulnerabilities using real industry case studies.

Upon completion of this short course, you’ll be able to:

  • Design requirements for cybersecurity business case development.
  • Interpret and design policies to support information security decisions.

Learn the specific regulatory requirements around information security and privacy and how to formulate a cybersecurity governance framework to support cyber strategy.

Upon completion of this short course, you’ll be able to:

  • Generate and use metrics to report on security KPIs.
  • Formulate a cybersecurity governance framework to support cyber strategy.

Thinking about the Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity? Explore our professional entry option

Upon completion of the above microcredentials and the Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity, you may be eligible to apply for the Master of Cybersecurity at La Trobe.

What makes us unique?

Top-rated global university: La Trobe is in the top 1 per cent of universities worldwide according to Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2022.

Innovative cybersecurity education: Our Cybersecurity Research Hub is a leader in the field worldwide and brings you access to the highest quality teaching, research, and career opportunities.

Industry-backed learning: In consultation with industry partners, La Trobe’s expert cybersecurity team designed a suite of short courses focused on preparing students for success in the cybersecurity field now and in the future.

Learn from cybersecurity experts

Our short courses are designed by experienced practitioners and researchers who incorporate real-life examples and industry insights into the curriculum. Their expert guidance will prepare you to take on in-demand cybersecurity and IT roles with confidence.

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Jabed Chowdhury, Lecturer, Department of Computer Science and Technology

Mohammad Jabed Morshed Chowdhury earned his PhD from the Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. He has also earned his double Master’s in Information Security and Mobile Computing from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway and the University of Tartu, Estonia under the European Union’s Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Program.

He has published his research in top journals and conferences and is currently working in security, privacy and trust. He has also published research on data sharing, privacy and the blockchain and has worked as a program committee member in top-tier conferences.

Dr. Chowdhury holds many industry certifications, such as EC-Council Ethical Hacking (CEH), Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) and Cisco CCNA-Security. He is also working as a technical advisor for Wisecar (an Australian blockchain startup) and DreamSoft (a Bangladeshi startup).

“The real-world scenarios and case studies used made it a fun learning experience as well as the opportunities to share what we have learned or discovered with others.”

– Christina, Cybersecurity Fundamentals Participant

“This course had many great aspects. The teaching and quizzes were very helpful to build our knowledge. The platform was easy to navigate and the course was beneficial in spending time on to learn.”

– Jacob, Cybersecurity Fundamentals Participant

Frequently asked questions

We’re always happy to chat with you. If you’d rather talk one-on-one or have a question you don’t see answered here, request more information or call (+61 3) 9917 3009.

With the completion of specified relevant credentialed microcredentials, students may gain advanced standing for recognised prior learning for up to half the credit points required for completion of the Bachelor of Cybersecurity or Master of Cybersecurity at La Trobe. Students must meet the entry requirements of the award course to be eligible for advanced standing.

Some short courses require prerequisites, so taking multiple courses at a time depends on your unique situation. Speak to an enrolment advisor for more information.

Because the skills in the 10-credit point (CP) courses advance on those learned in the 5-credit point courses, it’s recommended that you complete the partner 5CP short course before completing the associated 10CP course. Speak to one of our student enrolment advisors for more information.

Each short course is equivalent to either 5 or 10 credit points and can be completed in 2 to 4 weeks. This accelerated course structure allows you to upskill quickly and immediately apply what you learn in your career.

Because our short courses range from 5 to 10 credit points, costs vary. Depending on the course you choose, your fee will be $300–$1,700. Contact us for more information.

We welcome students from any background to apply for beginner and intermediate short courses, no matter your previous academic and professional experience. Our advanced short courses are designed for students with experience in IT or cybersecurity. Contact our expert enrolment team to learn more.

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*Students must meet the entry requirements for the award course.

**Meeting minimum prerequisites does not guarantee an offer of a place. Applicants must meet English language proficiency requirements at La Trobe University.

For short course terms and conditions, please visit La Trobe University Terms and Conditions for Participants.

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