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Cybersecurity Careers

Exciting cybersecurity careers are waiting for you

High growth rates in cybersecurity careers

Step into a global career

  • 8 per cent growth is expected year over year for cybersecurity careers through 20241
  • 40 per cent of cybersecurity providers say they plan to expand their cybersecurity career opportunities in 20211
  • Global spending on cybersecurity grew from US$113B to US$147B in just three years between 2017 and 2020.

Impact results in business with data science and analytics. You’ll graduate ready to ask questions and build the right process and programs to create powerful business solutions.

What makes us unique?

La Trobe’s online Master of Cybersecurity course prepares you for an in-demand cybersecurity role. With specialised knowledge tailored for in-demand areas of cybersecurity and hands-on experience with real-world projects, you’ll be ready to take the next step in your cybersecurity career with confidence.

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Step into high-paying cybersecurity careers

Cybersecurity Engineer AU$90,982 With a specialisation in AI, you’ll be ready to jump straight into cybersecurity engineer positions to develop and implement secure network solutions, whether to protect a company’s assets or comply with regulations in building smart cities. Cybersecurity engineers earn an average salary of AU$90,982, but those with more than five of experience see a big increase in pay and earn an average of AU$128,000.2

Penetration tester AU$88,959 With a specialisation in computer science, you can step into penetration tester roles and play the role of the villain–testing a system’s ability to block hackers from gaining access to your network and wreaking havoc. Penetration testers earn an average salary of AU$88,959, but those with more than five years of experience see a big increase in pay and earn an average of AU$116,000.3

Cybersecurity consultant AU$76,264 With a specialisation in AI, you’re uniquely prepared to step into consultant and analyst roles to help companies discover where their strengths and weaknesses lie and help them develop a plan to secure their network. These roles pay an average of AU$76,264, but those with more than five years of experience earn an average of AU$93,000.4

The high demand for cybersecurity

The digital revolution is here, and cybersecurity is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s vital to protect sensitive corporate, community and government data. The cybersecurity demand is rapidly growing–spending has increased by 9 per cent year on year from 2017-2020.

The primary drivers of this demand won’t decrease. They are:

  • Increased threats with increased digitisation of files
  • Increased high-profile attacks over the past year
  • Governments and regulators require stronger security for critical infrastructure and systems of national significance

Since 2017, the increase in cybersecurity spending has led to 4,000 new cybersecurity jobs. The demand for new cybersecurity roles is expected to grow by eight per cent every year through 2024. Employers look for smart professionals with the experience to step into roles with little training and a lot of know-how.

La Trobe’s online Master of Cybersecurity degree expertly prepares you with real-world projects and hands-on experience to step into a cybersecurity job with confidence.

Course outcomes

By graduation, you have hands-on experience in the top skills companies seek to fulfil cybersecurity roles.

Cybersecurity fundamentals

Explore the aims, methods and outcomes of cybersecurity practice.

Ethical hacking and defence

Learn techniques for evaluating the security of network configurations and defending against network-based threats.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Learn artificial intelligence-based cyber resilience and attack detection as well as deep learning-based cyber analytics.

Cyber governance and risk management

Learn the frameworks for cybersecurity governance based on an understanding of business strategy and risk appetite.

Secure programming

Learn a procedural language. Identify and analyse common coding practices that can avoid security vulnerabilities.

Career support from La Trobe

As you get ready to advance your career, La Trobe’s career services team and alumni community are here to support you. You’ll graduate ready to put your best foot forward to secure the role you want.


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