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Data Science Career Outlook

Join a global, rapid-growth industry: data science

90% of the world’s data was created in the past two years1

Filling data scientist jobs takes five days longer than average.1

  • Data science positions rose 58 per cent in 2018 and increased another 30 per cent in 2019.
  • 30 per cent of data science job searches in Australia came from overseas.2
  • 93 per cent of executives report that process issues and an ability to fill roles are the obstacles to adopting Big Data – not technology itself.3

Make an impact in business with data science and analytics. You’ll graduate ready to ask questions and build the right processes and programs to create powerful business solutions.

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Our 100 per cent online Master of Data Science allows you to choose a specialisation that focuses on the top skills employers seek. You can select big data and cloud computing or data modelling and analytics.

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Data scientist A$115,000 Data scientists understand how to build, extract, and process complex data sets and leverage them to the advantage of businesses and organisations. The average salary for a data scientist with more than 10 years of experience is AU$123,000.4

Bioinformatician A$106,913 Develop methods of research and analysis for understanding and leveraging biological and genomic data. The average salary for a bioinformatician is AU$106,913.5

Machine learning engineer A$122,000 Use your detailed understanding of machine learning, big data, cloud technology and mathematics to create responsive technology and algorithms capable of learning and making predictions. The average salary for a data scientist with more than 10 years of experience is AU$122,000.6

Chief data officer (CDO) A$225,000 As a senior executive in the chief data officer role, you’ll combine business knowledge and data science skills and determine how a company uses big data across the organisation. Ultimately, you’re responsible for data quality, governance and management, information strategy, data science, and business analytics. The average salary for a chief data officer is AU$225,000.7

Data science careers growing fast and offering six-figure salaries

In a world that spends almost USD $1,000,000 per minute on commodities on the Internet and has an estimated 44 zettabytes of digital information,8 it seems clear those who can harness the power of Big Data can step into critical roles and make a big impact in their organisation’s outcomes.

In the digital revolution, data scientists lead the charge in using the information to improve processes, profits, health outcomes and more.

Course outcomes

By graduation, you have hands-on experience in the top skills companies seek to fulfil data science roles.

Computer science

Get practical experience with open-source software and platforms, including Python, R and Hadoop. Understand database fundamentals, programming languages such as Java and Python, and cloud-based services offered by Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft.

Mathematics and statistics

Learn how to apply mathematics and statistics to data science problems. Process complex data and use it for the advantage of businesses and organisations. Learn using real data sets from our industry partners.

Data science

Choose a specialisation in big data and cloud computing or data modelling and analytics. Complete a research thesis or an intensive, industry-based learning project.

Project management

Learn to manage large-scale IT projects and work in a team to develop a small-scale, industry-based system.

Diverse electives

Boost your knowledge through electives in business, health sciences, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Career support from La Trobe

As you get ready to advance your career, La Trobe’s career services team and alumni community are here to support you. You’ll graduate ready to put your best foot forward to secure the role you want.


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Alumni Community

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