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Your career in artificial intelligence

AI skills are in demand throughout the world

Global AI market will reach US$152.9B by 2023, a 29% compound annual growth rate1

Globally, the skills gap in the field of AI is 66%1

  • 1,006,945 open AI job opportunities by 20211
  • 74% annual growth seen in AI roles — one of the top 15 jobs in the world2
  • Australia ranks in the top 5 countries for salary in AI roles3
  • Australia’s 2021–22 budget includes A$124.1M to develop AI4

Gain the most in-demand skills in the world and step into the fast-paced, high-paying careers artificial intelligence offers. With the experience and skills you gain in the online Master of Artificial Intelligence at La Trobe, you can expect to earn higher-than-average salaries compared to other IT roles2 and go to work anywhere in the world.

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Salary for AI Skills A$111,000 In Australia, those in the technology field earn a premium for having AI engineering skills such as natural language processing, vision and human/computer interaction, virtual and augmented realities and the ability to exploit and explore large data sets.5

Data scientist with NLP skills A$98,264 Data scientists who can create and use natural language processing skills in their careers earn about six per cent more than the average data scientist. The top 10% of data scientists with NLP skills earn A$148,000.6-7

Innovation drives demand for AI

Businesses are scrambling to catch up and get ahead in the digital revolution. They’re turning to AI professionals for efficiencies, for the answers they can find in Big Data, and the innovative technologies that take them to the next level. Add to this landscape a wide adoption of face and image recognition technology and governments’ focus on initiatives such as Smart Cities. You have a wide range of careers in artificial intelligence that you can pursue.1

Top five uses of AI:3

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Quality inspection and assurance
  • Manufacturing process optimisation
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • AI-driven cybersecurity and privacy

Course outcomes

When you graduate from La Trobe’s online Master of Artificial Intelligence course, you’re ready to step into AI roles with the confidence only someone with experience can have. Learn how to:

Problem-solve with AI

Use research skills and deep learning algorithms to develop AI-based solutions to real-world problems.

Improve human and computer communication

Develop natural language processing (NLP) processing pipelines using code libraries to boost communication output.

Design, research and investigate

Learn how to address design issues using machine learning models, algorithms and computer vision tasks.

Use deep learning techniques and AI

Use deep learning techniques to aid AI functions such as image recognition, machine translation and speech synthesis.

Understand the social and ethical impact of AI

Gain an understanding of the moral and societal issues faced by today’s IT industry and the impact of how AI technology is used.

Natural Language Processing specialisation

Companies throughout the world depend more and more on automation to drive efficiency and stay ahead of their competitors which is why learning the most in-demand AI skills is important in shaping your future career.

As part of your Master in AI, you’ll complete a specialisation in Natural Language Processing where you’ll use advanced programming skills to explore and analyse large amounts of natural language data.

You’ll graduate with deeper knowledge and greater experiences to pave a smooth career path. These experiences will expand your job prospects after graduation and make you a top candidate for the career you want.

Career support from La Trobe

As you get ready to advance your career, La Trobe’s career services team and alumni community are here to support you. You’ll graduate ready to put your best foot forward to secure the role you want.


Get resume support through our CareerHub to write effective, targeted resumes. You have access to 24/7 automated feedback online and you can request personalised feedback from a career adviser. Learn more.

Interview Preparation

Use our free online tool – Big Interview – to get ready to nail your interview. Know what to expect and practise general, behavioural and technical questions for over 140 industries and sets. Use the Answer Builder tool so you can find the right stories to tell in answers to questions. Finally, get hands-on experience with practice interviews as you’re coached by an expert.

Alumni Community

As a graduate of La Trobe University, you’ll have access to our team of career advisers. To arrange an appointment, please complete the Alumni Career Consultation request form.

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