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Graduate Certificate in Mental Health: Careers in Mental Health

Build your career with skills to lead a positive change in the community

Explore effective therapeutic methods and jump into clinical practice with our online Graduate Certificate in Mental Health. This is a nested qualification within the Master of Mental Health, so you can take your studies even further.

  • Complete a certificate that prepares you to address the mental health concerns of underserved populations
  • Become qualified for diverse roles in the mental health field
  • Learn to apply the principles of trauma-informed care in your practice
  • Gain skills from field experts with years of mental health experience

Mental health case manager5


Mental health program manager6


Meet the qualifications for countless in-demand mental health careers

Australia currently has enough mental health professionals to provide support to 1.8% of its population.1 With the need for mental health services on the rise, the demand for specialists will continue to grow. The online Graduate Certificate in Mental Health will prepare you to meet this demand and advance professionally in a variety of in-demand mental health jobs.

  • 3.1% of the population lives with mental illness, while only 1.8% receives treatment.1
  • Individuals living in rural areas of Australia are underserved in mental health services.2
  • The number of health and wellness service managers is growing at a rate of 18.6%.3,4

What You’ll Learn

  • Clinical mental health practice
    Learn to connect theory and clinical practice, and provide high-quality support.
  • Diagnostics
    Develop comprehensive mental health assessment skills and examine diagnostic classifications and formulations used in psychiatry to understand the principles of trauma-informed care.
  • Mental health promotion
    Learn how to use evidence-based practice in mental health promotion and mental illness prevention.
  • Ethically-oriented practice
    Develop your critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills and learn to make decisions using ethical frameworks.

Skills You’ll Gain

  • Problem-solving skills to consider a mental health concern and address it effectively with a plan of action
  • Excellent communication skills to apply while working directly with colleagues and diverse individuals seeking mental health counseling
  • Critical thinking skills to understand the cause of a mental health issue and develop an effective solution

Career support from La Trobe

As you get ready to advance your career, La Trobe’s career services team and alumni community are here to support you. You’ll graduate ready to put your best foot forward to secure the role you want.


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Alumni Community

As a graduate of La Trobe University, you’ll have access to our team of career advisers. To arrange an appointment, please complete the Alumni Career Consultation request form.


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