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Online Master of Mental Health Nursing Career Pathways

National shortage of mental health nurses

According to the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses (ACMHN), mental health nurses are in short supply in comparison to the demand for professionals who can provide direct clinical mental health care.1

Reports have found that:

  • within a decade, there’s been an 82% increase in those seeking emergency care for mental health issues2
  • in 20 years, full-time staff in mental health services has nearly tripled1
  • the ACMHN cites concerns regarding a projected shortfall of nearly 19,000 mental health nurses by 2030.1

Those who live in rural areas or Indigenous communities face critical concerns in receiving adequate treatment,3 a specific focus area in our online Master of Mental Health Nursing course. By graduation, you’ll be well prepared to step into new mental health careers, including clinical roles, and help solve Australia’s mental health crisis.

Registered psychiatric nurses


As a registered mental health nurse, you’ll provide direct clinical care to patients. From assessing patients at intake to carrying out treatment plans to following up with clients and other caregivers, you’ll work with people throughout their care. According to 2019 labour projections, the growth rate for registered nurses is well above average at 11.7%4 and Payscale reports they earn an average salary of $70,429.5

Clinical nurse managers


As a mental health nurse manager, you’ll be responsible for hiring and training staff, creating and implementing training processes and improving outcomes of patients in your care. According to 2019 labour projections, the growth rate for clinical nurse managers is nearly double the national average at 16.2%,4 and Payscale reports they earn an average salary of $93,108.6

Mental health employers:

  • Community mental health organisations
  • Hospitals and health services
  • Government departments
  • Private sector
  • Universities and research institutes

Program outcomes

By graduation, you’ll be able to:

Career support from La Trobe

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