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Online MBA Applied Digital Health Specialisation

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Enhance your leadership skills for the emerging, in-demand digital health industry

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Course benefits

  • La Trobe offers the only MBA with an applied digital health specialisation in Australia.
  • Learn from the country’s best business and health professionals to grow your skills.
  • Prepare to drive digital transformation in the healthcare industry and qualify for a wide range of leadership roles.

Gain a future-focused degree through specialised study in digital health

In our complex and rapidly changing healthcare system, organisations need leaders who can implement digital transformation to improve health outcomes for patients and empower business growth. La Trobe’s online MBA features an Applied Digital Health specialisation designed for professionals who want to influence and lead the future of healthcare.

This course gives you the technical background to oversee digital health teams and qualify for leadership opportunities. With the Applied Digital Health specialisation, you will build the expertise required to:

  • Utilise new technologies and change management strategies to lead health transformation.
  • Understand the complex needs of digital health specialists, IT professionals and clinical workers.
  • Implement seamless, efficient and connected digital health solutions for patients that meet the business needs of healthcare organisations.

La Trobe’s MBA (Applied Digital Health) was designed to meet the demand for digitally-savvy leaders by combining a world-class business curriculum with carefully curated subjects in digital health. You will graduate ready to meet the current and future needs of organisations in this innovative field.

Applied Digital Health subjects

Our digital health subjects harness the latest digital transformation trends, innovations, frameworks and models and translate them into the health sector. You’ll develop a digital transformation strategy and implementation roadmap to make you an asset to employers in various health industries.

In this subject you will gain an understanding of the growing technological trends, its related issues/problems, and strategies to tackle healthcare problems. It will help you compare and contrast technologies using standard frameworks. You will explore the role of digital health technologies and how they are applied in healthcare, public health and health promotion. You will also learn ethics and law in relation to digital health innovations, and research updates in digital health.

In this subject, you will gain an understanding of what “big data” is, why it is important to the health and healthcare sectors, and how it can be used in real-world applications. You will investigate how the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) can benefit healthcare delivery and data collection. You will develop a working knowledge of the analytical techniques used to mine big data and visualise it. You will explore the requirements for data research infrastructure, review the current big data landscape (including assets, facilities, and services), and investigate the requirements around information privacy and security in relation to big data in digital health. Data linkage techniques and various strategies to tackle problems relating to data linkage quality will also be explored.

In this subject, you will explore the evolution of tele and virtual health domains by learning the “art and science” behind tele and virtual health applications and keeping abreast with the latest developments in technologies used for tele and virtual health delivery. You will learn about the ethical challenges that are faced in space. You will also evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of these technologies and understand the need to provide evidence-based virtual care.

In this subject, you will develop the fundamental skills to communicate effectively in the digital age with internal and external stakeholders, such as healthcare professionals, administrative staff, government bodies, IT vendors, and patients, among others. You will explore different types of digital communication platforms including websites & social media to communicate with different healthcare audiences. You will also gain a deeper understanding of strategic digital communication planning for different types of digital health case studies and identified audiences.

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Digital health management consultant Help healthcare businesses improve their operations by leading digital health projects and managing stakeholders to deliver more efficient, effective business outcomes.

Digital health product manager Connect teams and stakeholders to identify opportunities for growth and develop digital health products that meet both customer expectations and organisational needs.

Digital health technopreneur Design, develop and market disruptive innovations that target various digital health segments in collaboration with healthcare partners and health-tech organisations.

Director of digital health Oversee digital transformation in healthcare organisations and plan, support and manage the development of specialist digital health workforces.

Industry insights and career outlook

La Trobe’s MBA (Applied Digital Health) positions you for lifelong success in the cutting-edge, growing digital health space. The skills you gain by pursuing this specialisation will give you a competitive advantage as a future-focused business leader.

  • Employment in the healthcare and social assistance industry is expected to grow by 9 per cent by 2025.1
  • The Australian Government’s National Digital Health Workforce and Education Roadmap outlines the need for digital transformation in health services and calls for a skilled, digitally capable workforce.2
  • Digital healthcare solutions were perceived as a highly relevant topic by 68 per cent of healthcare leaders in a recent industry survey and Digital Healthcare Roundtable by McKinsey.3
  • Clear strategic direction and cultural transformation were identified as key factors for digital health implementation in the same survey.3

Applied Digital Health MBA outcomes

Health communication

  • Discover how digital platforms can be powerful tools for quick and effective health communication and develop fundamental skills to communicate strategically and effectively in the digital age.

Medical informatics and virtual health

  • Explore the design, development, adoption and application of digital health innovations and how they’re used to provide healthcare that is accessible, affordable and effective.

Future of digital health

  • Examine new and emerging digital health innovations and their impact on the roles and responsibilities of healthcare professionals, patients and technical specialists.

Big Data in health and the Internet of Medical Things

  • Gain an understanding of the Big Data landscape in health and explore how it can be applied in real-world applications and the Internet of Medical Things.

Customise your online MBA degree by choosing a specialisation


Gain the background you need to manage skilled cybersecurity teams and position yourself for in-demand tech leadership roles. With our cybersecurity specialisation, you can protect and lead any organisation into the future digital economy.

Data Analytics

Harness the power of data to make informed decisions and drive organisational growth. The data analytics specialisation trains you to recognise analytics needs, process complex data and use it to define business strategy.

Digital Health

Develop change management and leadership skills to guide digital transformation in health organisations. This MBA specialisation is designed for professionals who want to enhance their business expertise for the emerging digital health space.


Master skills in corporate governance, social responsibility, board relations and strategic management. This specialisation is designed for professionals in government, NGOs or for-profit sectors who want to lead their organisations toward ethical, sustainable change.

International Management

Build the comprehensive skill set you need to lead in our global economy. The international management specialisation prepares you to steer expansion into international marketplaces and manage teams and businesses across the world.

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Yes, our online MBA course offers a specialisation in data analytics.

You’ll complete 12 subjects to earn the online MBA.

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