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Online MBA Cybersecurity Specialisation

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Advance your career as a business leader in cybersecurity

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Course benefits

  • La Trobe offers the only MBA degree in Australia with a cybersecurity specialisation.
  • Our Cybersecurity Research Hub has a strategic relationship with industry leader Optus, ensuring you gain career-connected skills.
  • Develop the technical expertise you need to manage cybersecurity professionals.

Enhance your tech background to oversee cyber teams and information security efforts

Now more than ever, companies must have the right policies and practices in place to ensure information is secure. Trained leaders are needed to drive these critical initiatives in the emerging cybersecurity industry. La Trobe’s online MBA degree features a specialisation designed to prepare professionals like you to meet the demand for managers, directors and executives who have cybersecurity expertise.

This course provides the foundational knowledge you need to manage a cybersecurity or IT team effectively. With La Trobe, you will gain the technical background and leadership expertise to connect business goals with client needs using the right information security tools and protocols.

Our dedicated cybersecurity team designed this master’s course to focus on the subject areas today’s business leaders need most by consulting leading industry partners. An emphasis on applied learning allows you to use what you learn immediately in any organisation.

Online MBA cybersecurity subjects

La Trobe’s cybersecurity specialisation combines world-class business leadership training and industry-backed cybersecurity knowledge so you can protect and lead your organisation into the future digital economy. Our master’s subjects are led by cybersecurity experts who bring valuable insights to the online classroom.

In the Internet era, industries and organisations need to be aware of, and be prepared to defend against threats and attacks. Stakeholders should be familiar with the basic principles and best practices of cyber security to better protect their businesses. In this subject, the principles, the state of the art, and strategies for the future of cyber security is explored thoroughly. The topics will focus on information security, ethical and legal practices, mitigating cyber vulnerabilities, and the process of incident response and analysis. The outline of the subject is targeted at ensuring the privacy, reliability, confidentiality and integrity of information systems. Cyber security is a very broad discipline, and therefore, this subject is only intended to cover the basics of the recent state of the art and leading cyber security topics.

This subject starts with an overview of the architecture and management of database systems, and a discussion of different existing database models. The main focus includes relational database analysis, design, and implementation. The students learn: relational algebra as the formal foundation of relational databases; relational conceptual design using an entity-relationship diagram; relational logical database design; security and integrity; and SQL implementation of relational database queries. Students will also learn advanced normalization theory and the techniques to remove data anomalies and redundancies. In this subject, students are required to design a database application that meets the needs of a system requirement specification, and to implement the system using a commercial standard database system such as ORACLE or POSTGRESQL. In addition, a selection of advanced topics in databases will be introduced and discussed.

This subject introduces students to the principles and processes involved in blockchain technologies. The blockchain offers a way to secure transactions online between two parties, when there is no trusted intermediary available. A common use is in financial transactions without a bank as an intermediary, such as bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. This subject covers the fundamentals of blockchain technology, including how the blockchain works, and how it is applied to modern digital transactions, including cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.

This subject explores the motivations, mindset and techniques used by hackers. Although their activities are illicit and illegal, hackers have a finely attuned understanding of computer networks and systems and how users/customers behave in online environments. If nothing else, they have developed new – albeit illegal and unethical business models that exploit vulnerabilities in computer networks and systems. By looking at systems and practices through the eyes of a hacker, you can better identify weaknesses, emerging threats and develop more effective defences.

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Chief information security officer AU$183,6741 Lead cybersecurity efforts by analysing security needs, reporting findings to stakeholders and identifying the right strategies to protect against threats and keep company information secure.

Information security manager AU$144,5272 Develop and maintain information security practices from the top down, putting protocols in place to protect sensitive data and ensuring employees have access to the hardware and software they need.

Product manager AU$104,2873 Connect teams and stakeholders to identify opportunities for cyber protection and develop cybersecurity products that mitigate risk and enhance data protection and intellectual property.

Security operations manager AU$92,1924 Implement and monitor reporting mechanisms for governance, security and risk practices to support compliance and highlight areas of exposure. Develop and lead a team of security resources.

Industry insights and career outlook

In today’s global business world, cybersecurity is a critical concern that goes beyond IT departments to inform every aspect of company strategy. Organisations across industries need skilled tech leaders who can mitigate the risk and commercial implications of cyber attacks now and in the future.

When you customise your MBA degree with a cybersecurity specialisation, you’ll position yourself for career advancement. Your expanded skill set will also support a move into tech leadership opportunities.

  • Global spending on cyber security is expected to nearly double by 2026.5
  • By 2026, 50 per cent of executives will have performance requirements related to risk built into their employment contracts.6
  • Australian businesses are expected to increase investment in cybersecurity by 5.5 per cent by 2030, creating 60,000 new jobs.5
  • In 2020, the Australian government announced the Cyber Enhanced Situational Awareness and Response (CESAR) package, a record-breaking initiative that will invest $1.35 billion in cybersecurity over the next decade.7

Cybersecurity MBA outcomes


  • Learn how to think creatively and drive change across an organisation.

Cybersecurity essentials

  • Explore the aims, methods and outcomes of cybersecurity practice.

Blockchain and crypto fundamentals

  • Learn how the blockchain works, and how it is applied to modern digital transactions, including cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.

Business analysis

  • Understand the context and fundamentals of business so you can make informed choices.

Customise your online MBA degree by choosing a specialisation


Gain the background you need to manage skilled cybersecurity teams and position yourself for in-demand tech leadership roles. With our cybersecurity specialisation, you can protect and lead any organisation into the future digital economy.

Data Analytics

Harness the power of data to make informed decisions and drive organisational growth. The data analytics specialisation trains you to recognise analytics needs, process complex data and use it to define business strategy.

Digital Health

Develop change management and leadership skills to guide digital transformation in health organisations. This MBA specialisation is designed for professionals who want to enhance their business expertise for the emerging digital health space.


Master skills in corporate governance, social responsibility, board relations and strategic management. This specialisation is designed for professionals in government, NGOs or for-profit sectors who want to lead their organisations toward ethical, sustainable change.

International Management

Build the comprehensive skill set you need to lead in our global economy. The international management specialisation prepares you to steer expansion into international marketplaces and manage teams and businesses across the world.

Frequently asked questions

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No, specialisation is not required for the online MBA at La Trobe. You may complete the degree with eight core subjects and four electives of your choice.

Yes, our online MBA course offers a specialisation in data analytics.

You’ll complete 12 subjects to earn the online MBA.

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