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Online MBA Data Analytics Specialisation

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Empower your management career with our strategic data analytics specialisation

Study 4 specialist subjects

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18 months

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Course benefits

  • Use maths and technology in business to make informed decisions
  • Learn how to lead staff in this technical field without being a technician
  • Work with real data sets on professional technology in our virtual lab
  • AACSB and EFMD accredited, PRME aligned

The value of the data analytics specialisation

The ability to harness the power of data becomes more valuable daily. There’s an increase in opportunities for Australian businesses across industries to safely use the data they hold to create value for themselves and their customers, drive innovation, create successful business and marketing strategies and create solutions to business problems. Employers look to their managers and executive staff to use data to fulfil these needs.

You gain in-demand career skills from the data analytics specialisation that include:

  • Statistics and data wrangling
    Process complex data and use it for the advantage of businesses and organisations.
  • Programming fundamentals
    Build your skills with key programming languages.
  • Data analytics
    Understand the unique needs of businesses and learn how to improve their processes.
  • Business analysis
    Understand the context and fundamentals of business so you can make informed choices.

Additional skills learned

  • Data analysis for decision-making
  • Visualisation of data
  • Storyboards for data analysis
  • Statistics and data wrangling 
  • Advanced digital skills
  • Professional communication
  • Innovation
  • Responsible Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship

MBA Specialisation Subjects

Become the stand-out manager who knows exactly how to solve complex challenges. In the four data analytics specialisation subjects for the online MBA course at La Trobe, you’ll add critical maths and technology skills to your list of capabilities, so you can uncover the cause of a business problem and create winning solutions.

Get introduced to business and data analytics with a strong focus on practical outcomes directly applicable to business contexts. By the end of the subject, you can:

  1. Examine the purpose and importance of analytics within a business environment, alongside implications for technologies, workflows, participation and management.
  2. Analyse and evaluate the function of key elements of a typical analytics solution; technology infrastructure, data architecture, data management, analytics methodologies, analytics techniques, reports, dashboards, responsibilities of groups and individuals within the business environment.
  3. Evaluate requirements, methodologies and technologies for analytics-based business performance management.

Gain the skills and expertise in making sense of large data sets for strategic decision making. By the end of the subject, you can:

  1. Appraise and differentiate the key statistical theories and data mining techniques, focusing on their suitability to solve predictive analytics problems
  2. Compare and contrast different predictive analytics models and data mining techniques to formulate solutions for business problems.
  3. Appraise the need for different predictive analytics models and techniques, evaluate the value of such models and justify the inclusion of particular techniques in a case study.

Learn to use the tools available to help integrate your knowledge and inference capabilities regarding data into the analytical process for all stakeholders. By the end of the subject, you can:

  1. Interpret the importance of visualisation as a means to address information overload for managers and consumers of analytics
  2. Inspect the visualisation framework in a variety of business problems
  3. Evaluate the appropriate visualisation techniques for a variety of business problems
  4. Apply the appropriate tools to visualise the data and analytical results for each given user requirement
  5. Appraise the various visualisation decisions across the entire solution process for a given problem

Gain hands-on experience in the various data wrangling techniques with a strong focus in R and Structured Query Language (SQL) programming. By the end of the subject, you can:

  1. Design good structured database for data wrangling
  2. Compare and contrast various data formats and motivations for data wrangling
  3. Construct SQL and R code to wrangle data.
  4. Formulate data needs and propose data-wrangling questions for a new problem.
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Senior Business Analyst A$117,758 As a senior business analyst, you’ll act as the intermediary between IT and business divisions to improve services, software, processes and products. You’ll perform end-to-end audits of processes, determine requirements for improvement and report your findings to the necessary stakeholders. The average senior business analyst has a median income of $117,758, while the top 10 per cent earn AU$147,0003

Business Insight and Analytics Manager A$120,725 With key business and analytics experience, you’ll advance to this more senior role and have a staff of managers and analysts who report to you. Together, you’ll examine marketplace trends and track, analyse, and evaluate business performance to forecast the best course of action. The average business insight and analytics manager has a median income of $120,725, while the top 10 per cent earn AU$166,000.4

Customise your online MBA degree by choosing a specialisation


Gain the background you need to manage skilled cybersecurity teams and position yourself for in-demand tech leadership roles. With our cybersecurity specialisation, you can protect and lead any organisation into the future digital economy.

Data Analytics

Harness the power of data to make informed decisions and drive organisational growth. The data analytics specialisation trains you to recognise analytics needs, process complex data and use it to define business strategy.

Digital Health

Develop change management and leadership skills to guide digital transformation in health organisations. This MBA specialisation is designed for professionals who want to enhance their business expertise for the emerging digital health space.


Master skills in corporate governance, social responsibility, board relations and strategic management. This specialisation is designed for professionals in government, NGOs or for-profit sectors who want to lead their organisations toward ethical, sustainable change.

International Management

Build the comprehensive skill set you need to lead in our global economy. The international management specialisation prepares you to steer expansion into international marketplaces and manage teams and businesses across the world.

Your career with a data analytics specialisation

Accenture reports1 that leading organisations use data analytics to make decisions and define strategies that anticipate the future. While the Australian Government2 recognises that data analysis is key to business efficiency and is a catalyst to new business models and industries, it realises the demand for those with data skills and global competition is rising fast.

Their current state-of-the-industry report2 states that if Australia doesn’t increase its skills in this area, businesses may miss opportunities for innovation and growth or take their potential overseas. It’s the perfect time to prepare yourself with strategic analysis skills to advance your career.

Career benefits with an MBA specialisation in data analytics

Treating data as an asset: using it, valuing it, and protecting it appropriately, could drive significant economic and social benefits for Australia2 and lead to a successful, life-long career filled with:

  • Possibilities. Less than half of Australian businesses are using their data resources in marketing or designing new goods and services2
  • Growth. 88% of C-suite respondents said using more forward-looking data sets and analytic approaches will be important to their organisation’s success.1
  • Global opportunities. Globally, 63% of high-growth companies have adopted a “productivity anywhere” workforce model.1

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Yes, our online MBA course offers a specialisation in data analytics.

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