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Online MBA Career Paths

The MBA career path is one of positive growth

As an MBA graduate, you can expect to earn over $100,000 per year1 and step into expanding career opportunities. The Australian government predicts that through November 2026, 28,000 new jobs will become available for managers with advanced degrees.2

Our MBA will open the door to some of the fastest-growing management careers, which are projected to be in2:

  • Human resources: 16.3%
  • Management and organisation analysis: 32.2%
  • Advertising, public relations and sales: 4.4%
  • Construction: 10.2%
  • Research and development: 23.8%
  • Supply, distribution and procurement: 3.5%
  • Engineering: 11.7%
  • Business administration: 19.4%

With 9 in 10 new jobs in Australia projected to require post-school qualifications,2 it is imperative that aspiring business leaders further their education.

The Graduate Management Admission Council’s 2020 Corporate Recruiters Survey reports that future hiring practices in business look promising. Not only have employment numbers have remained stable during the global pandemic, “the skills and abilities acquired by graduate management talent during their business school experiences make them a valuable asset in supporting organisational recovery and resiliency.” 4

And, learning at La Trobe University means that you’re expertly prepared for advanced management and consulting roles.

Our course structure is:

  • accredited by EPAS, from the European Foundation for Management Development
  • aligned to the UN’s Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).

You can choose an industry-focused specialisation in data analytics that further supports your career growth and advancement. Data is king in this economy, and knowing how to extract, analyse and act upon it is key to innovation and creating winning strategies. You’ll learn how to understand the unique needs of businesses and how to make informed decisions and improve processes.

Our MBA helps you develop management skills and gain professional recognition to advance your career. MBA graduate careers may include:

  • General manager
    General managers watch over an organisation’s finances, staff and day-to-day functions. These managers work in businesses and companies in every industry.
  • Chief operating officer
    In their executive position, chief operating officers oversee the growth of their organisation and work to make it more efficient. They focus on innovative processes and maintaining relationships with stakeholders.
  • Chief financial officer
    Chief financial officers are also executives. They are involved in all finances, including expenses, profits and reporting.
  • Board director
    A company’s board of directors represents shareholders and other stakeholders. They set policy and monitor how the organisation enacts its mission, vision and goals.
  • Business and management consultant
    Business and management consultants work with business owners and stakeholders to make their practices more efficient and effective.



As a marketing manager, you’ll manage and direct marketing tasks on behalf of your organisation. According to the most recent labour projections, leaders in advertising, public relations, and sales can expect a growth rate of 4% through November 2026, adding over 7,000 new opportunities.3 Payscale reports that marketing directors earn an average yearly salary of $142,289. Those with experience in marketing management, marketing communication and strategic marketing can boost their yearly salary to over $145,0005



As a management analyst, you’ll evaluate how an organisation operates then create and implement plans and processes for As a managing director, you’ll direct an organisation’s or company’s operations and provide strategic recommendations to its board members; you’ll also manage other employees to ensure that overall goals are met. Managing directors are considered high-level executives. Payscale reports that managing directors make a yearly salary of $161,703.6

Program outcomes

By graduation, you can:

Career support from La Trobe

As you get ready to advance your career, La Trobe’s career services team and alumni community are here to support you. You’ll graduate ready to put your best foot forward to secure the role you want.


Get resume support through our CareerHub to write effective, targeted resumes. You have access to 24/7 automated feedback online and you can request personalised feedback from a career adviser. Learn more.

Interview Preparation

Use our free online tool – Big Interview – to get ready to nail your interview. Know what to expect and practise general, behavioural and technical questions for over 140 industries and sets. Use the Answer Builder tool so you can find the right stories to tell in answers to questions. Finally, get hands-on experience with practice interviews as you’re coached by an expert.

Alumni Community

As a graduate of La Trobe University, you’ll have access to our team of career advisers. To arrange an appointment, please complete the Alumni Career Consultation request form.


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